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From Classroom to the Industry, Style and strategy, ideas, celebrity endorsements, leadership, business and media – curated smart talks for students of Fashion and Interior Design from the Voice of Fashion.

Interior Design in the 21st Century:

  • How to design for social change and impact for the society of which you are a part.
  • A career in architecture is about psychology of the customer as much as it is about space, form, material and location. India’s top architects share how to crack this code.
  • The explosion in product design in Asia has opened numerous careers avenues for creative minds: how to choose internships, look for a job that keeps you engaged and set up a brand that merges functionality with form.
  • How to create interior designs that signify Indian heritage in architecture, yet are modern and meaningful to live in.
  • Architecture and design beyond malls and markets: why hospital design or designing for old age homes is going to be a part of the future of interiors.
  • Understanding colour, theme, building material, recycling and ecological safety and goodness- from India’s most thoughtful design leaders. 
  • How pop culture, multinational influences and collaborations can influence your fashion creations and commercial viability.
  • Product, pattern, pricing & platform- how to beat a formula or cloning and create a strong brand that reflects who you are and who you want to create for.
  • The skills you need to work with the hand loom industry and weavers to create one-of-a-kind products that can be a part of global-local fashion.
  • How to create bridges of learning and working with India’s exceptional karigars for an artisanal Indian brand.
  • Top cherry-picking if you must design your career in the Indian luxury market. Brand solutions, advertising, visual merchandising, representing international labels and luxury houses are just some.
  • How to find alternative jobs at fashion weeks that involve creative impetus, sketching, planning and management, problem solving and digital media.
  • Amplify your knowledge and job potential by understanding retail trends in India as well as abroad, and positioning your work to sync with the dynamic market needs.
  • The business of Modern Indian weddings: how to create a couture signature, find the right customers base, set up a studio and straddle the many worlds between exhibitions, shows and promotions.
  • Working on a Hindi film as a costume designer. The unique learning experience of Padmaavat as a costume history lesson.
  • Technology, craft, commercial acumen and understanding the pulse of the rapidly changing millennial customers are the key forces to create a thriving model of bridal couture.
  • Why creating the most glamorous red-carpet dressing and luxurious cocktail garments is first and foremost about and design innovation.
  • The image building machinery behind a bridal designer’s success needs the right campaigns, the right shows and the important connect between couture and pret.
  • Why it is important to find the right celebrity to endorse your designs and the value of Bollywood dressing for a designer.
  • There are many kinds of stylists in India – for magazines, advertising campaigns, personal events, celebrities and films. What kind do you want to be? All your how-to questions get answered here.
  • Styling is not about product placement. It is about promoting multiple brands at once: the person you are working with and the fashion and design label that has hired you. Get it right by the professional tips here.
  • Working with Bollywood celebrities is a tightrope. Here is how to train, find internships and understand the world of celebrity glamour.