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Fashion Design

It is obvious that in a nation like India, where material and clothing businesses have been prospering for a long time, the current blast in Fashion Design has prompted innovative advancements and new prospects in the current space of article of clothing and fashion frill design.
In Fashion Design, the main focus is to groom the student to work in a corporate, professional world. Starting from the very basics of fashion, we take our students through quite a journey of evolution of fashion and trends through history, techniques of tailoring and embroidery, knowledge of fabrics and design process as well as marketing for their products. We aim to create successful professionals.

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  • 1 Year Foundation Program
  • 2 Year Advance Program
  • 3 Years Specialization Program
  • Bsc (Fashion Design)
  • MSc (Super Specialization Program)
  • Fashion Foundation
  • Textile Fundamentals
  • Elementary Tailoring Techniques
  • Fashion Figure Drawing
  • Indian Art and Appreciation
  • Surface Ornamentation
  • Study and Structure of Apparel Industry
  • Technical Fashion Sketches
  • Drafting and Pattern Making
  • Advance Tailoring Techniques
  • Textiles and Embroidery
  • Design Process
  • Couture Tailoring
  • Creative Embroideries and Embellishments
  • Decorative Fabrics & Materials
  • Fashion Concept and Design Development
  • Retail Marketing and Visual Merchandising
  • Care Renovation and Finishing of Textiles
  • Promotional Product Development

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Management Skills

English Composition & Business Correspondence

Retail Marketing & Visual Merchandising

English : Prose & Usage

Textile Study Applicable to Fashion Art

Study of Apparel Manufacturing Process

Element of Textiles

Study of Apparel Marketing

Care Renovation & Finishes of Textiles

Basics  of Fashion

Fashion Illustration & Application

Project Work

Fashion Illustration & Model Drawing

Advanced Techniques of Garment Construction

Design Concept & Art Portfolio

Garment Construction & Drafting


Promotional Product Development

First Year

  • Garment Construction Techniques-I
  • Technical Fashion Illustrations
  • Creative Surfaces and Textiles
  • World Costumes and Textiles
  • Draping Art

Second Year

  • Garment Construction-II
  • Surface Ornamentation Techniques
  • Media and Communication for Fashion
  • Textile Care and Handling
  • Project Dissertation


Fashion Design is dedicated to creating cloths as well as lifestyle accessories. Innovation and new prospects in the existing domain of garment and fashion accessory design. Fashion Design is way of enhance beauty and Image of a person. Creating and thinking some out of the box, like combinations, textures, fabrics, colors, design.

If you are creative, imaginative, innovative and stylish then fashion design is the best career option for you. Fashion Design is undoubtedly an exceptional career choice as it withholds a bright future due to its gaining popularity and steady money. 

There are numerous career opportunities in the field fashion design which includes names like fashion designer, fashion stylist, costume designer for fashion magazines, export house, fashion photographer, Fashion PR Executive, Visual Merchandiser, fashion journalism & media, fashion entrepreneurs,  production manager and quality analysis manager, manufacturing industry, pattern maker, fashion blogger.

Fashion Design is a art of designing & constructing garments aesthetically. Fashion designers design and stylish clothing. they may work in high fashion, as well as in high-street fashion.  Designers often specialise in particular types of clothing – for example in men’s, women’s , children, sport wear, etc.