AURA 2019 - The fashion show hosted by INIFD Nashik which is the fruit of the hard work of the students at INIFD Nashik.

Every year, our students create some amazing collections and many Top Models walked on the ramp wearing these clothes.

In 2016, Aura also started ‘Aura junior’ which is actually a fashion show of the children. For this, our students approached 100 children and made clothes that would suit them. These children then walked on the ramp wearing those outfits.

Aura has set a benchmark for big fashion events with big turnout every year. Thanks to the hard work that our students put in, we are able to showcase bigger and better collections every year.

Since INIFD is an international institute with its branches across the world nationally & internationally, it helps us to give international exposure to our students, thus empowering them. This exposure is reflected in Aura every year.

Aura also is a platform for the students to meet their prospective clientele.

Aura has an audience of more than 10,000 making it one of the most attended event of the town.